Chic Clinic Prides itself on being among the top clinics in Kuwait to provide an accurate diagnosis of cases through its highly qualified doctors leading to faster and guaranteed results. /Chic Clinic is one of Kuwait’s top clinics to provide accurate diagnosis by qualified physicians and deliver faster and more guaranteed results.

Metal braces
Ceramic brackets
Clear Aligners

We start seeing children from a young age to check for problems that may get worse with time, such as overcrowding. We stay in touch through regular follow-up appointments.

Who Needs This Service?

Used for adults and children to straighten the teeth and correct the jawline. / Adults and children interested in straightening their teeth and correcting their jawline can benefit from this service

  • Cosmetic Brackets : Our comprehensive line of cosmetic bracket systems offers unparalleled beauty and uncompromising performance.

  • Mini Implant Solution Contemporary Orthodontics

    Implants used in orthodontics for the purpose of effective treatment, which helps in bringing down the strenuous efforts employed to prevent anchorage loss.

    • are easy and small
    • can be inserted and removed without stenos efforts
    • can be immediately loaded after insertion
    • can provide absolute anchorage for orthodontic treatment, which require minimal need patient compliance.
  • American Product :

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    Doctors That do this service: Dr. Yasser

    Orthopedic Disorders cases we treat at Chic Dental Clinic

    1. Maxillary protrusion or mandibular retrognathism (class 2)

2. Mandibular protrusion or maxillary retrognathism

3.Crossbite cases

4. Crowded teeth on upper and lower arch

5. Open bite and deep bite

6. Gummy smile

7.Bimaxillary protrusion

8.Diastema Case

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