Chic clinic continues to invest in experienced doctors and high-end equipment to provide you with guaranteed results

  • Most Advanced Technological machines
  • Swiss and American bleaching kits

Max of one or two sessions and you are done!

Who Needs This Service?

  • Improves the unattractive color of the teeth
  • Gives Your teeth a vibrant color

What are the types of teeth whitening?

Home Bleaching

Office Bleaching

At Chic Clinic we offer Clinic unique office bleaching

BEYOND COMPLETE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Flash (Whitesmile)

I visited Dr. Firas to do a teeth whitening session, and when he saw that my teeth could not bear the whitening process, he advised me about another process that suits me more.
Dr Firas is one of the best doctors I have visited. He has a professional touch & high morals. He was patient & supportive.

Doctors That do this service: Dr. Jassem / Dr. Samer / Dr. Firas

Dental Veneers

We implement this semi- permanent solution to improve the dental aesthetic in color, shape, size, alignment and overall smile.

Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign

We use this treatment on children and adults in order to straighten their teeth and correct their jawline.

Dental Implants

We apply dental implants to restore missing teeth and the patient’s jaw structure.

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