At chic clinics own the reputation of “Saving Teeth” whenever possible. But unfortunately, other restorative methods — such as dental fillings or dental crowns — aren’t enough when your teeth reach a bad stage of damage past the point of repair! Then removal may be necessary.

Who Needs This Service?

Who needs this service?

A tooth extraction is the ultimate solution for severely damaged or decayed teeth to enhance your overall oral health and guarantee a healthier gum.

Simple, impacted, or surgical tooth extraction

Our professional dentist at Chic Clinic may recommend tooth extraction if you have:
  • Severe tooth decay (cavities).
  • A fractured tooth.
  • An impacted tooth.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Severe gum disease.
  • Tooth luxation or other dental injuries.

I was very nervous because I never had a tooth extraction before, but with Doctor Jassem I didn’t feel any discomfort

Doctors That do this service: Dr. Jassem / Dr. Samer / Dr. Firas

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